Julian Edelman Bets $100K on Tom Brady Facing Bill Belichick in Super Bowl LVI

Tom Brady or Bill Belichick…Belichick or Brady…

Who would you bet on?

Well, why not both?

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That’s what former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has decided to do. Edelman wagered $100,000 that Belichick and the Patriots will face Brady and the Buccaneers in Superbowl LVI, according to TMZ Sports.

I mean, it’s pretty genius really.

Edelman received the money for the wager to help promote a brand, but he immediately saw the opportunity to reinvest it for the perfect payday.

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Maybe he’s onto something.

After all, who could possibly know these two contenders better? Edelman, Brady and Belichick won three Super Bowl rings together.

The payout? $545,000, according to the story. However, since the bet was placed in-house and with brand-sponsored money, the profit is capped compared to the +4100 odds on that particular Super Bowl matchup being offered elsewhere, which would have netted the former Patriots wide receiver $4.1 million. 

Sure, the Bucs are the NFC's No. 2 seed, while the Patriots are the AFC's No. 6 seed, but if you saw Week 18, you know anything could happen.

As far as postseason experience goes, Belichick and Brady have more than the rest of the field combined. Brady and Tampa Bay edged the Patriots narrowly in Foxboro in Week 4, and a Super Bowl rematch would be worthy of a Hollywood movie script .

As for Edelman: Besides the big payday, he also doesn’t have to pick a side. And like any child of a divorced couple knows: Two Christmases are far better than one.

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